Vinyl Signs

What is Vinyl Lettering?
Vinyl lettering is a thin plastic film that is die cut to display wording.

When can it be used for?
Vinyl lettering has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for banners, signs, vehicle lettering, and vehicle magnets.

What we offer?
We offer vinyl banners, vinyl on white metal signs, and do it yourself vinyl.

Where can I put vinyl?
Vinyl can be applied to many surfaces including glass, metal, and vehicles.

High Performance Vinyl
2 mil. thickness, lifetime up to 9 years. Good for vehicle lettering, and windows
Intermediate Vinyl.
3 mil. thickness, lifetime up to 6 years. Good for flat surfaces like vehicle lettering, and windows.

Raster Format
A pixel based image represented by a series of bits of information which translate into pixels on the screen. These pixels form points of color which create an overall finished image.

Vector Format
A file format containing scalable images usually created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Required format for vinyl cutting.

A thin plastic film that is cut and used to make banners and signs. Vinyl comes in many different colors.